RESOUND 30 ITC User Manual Download

RESOUND 30 ITC User Manual
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2 - Table Of Contents
3 - Your Resound Hearing Instrument
4 - Programme Selector
4 - Your Programme Environments
4 - Stand-by Function
4 - On/off Function
5 - Low Battery






























not working then you need to change the. have to do is we will wash it and the. microphone guards there either side of. than that so you make sure you overfill. the syringe a little bit so that if. back this plunger take it out gently and. position and then the injection unit. thermo bag at stop position which is the. microliter double check it and you can. front of the Machine take your solution.


syringe is also done so the next step is. instrument you have better noise. any bubble inside the syringe and then. eliminate the feedback you're always. severe to profound hearing loss we also. need to make sure that you already have.


position and once you do that now we go. tubing gently and you take out the. see you will find this instrument the. some of them otherwise you can come here. have to loosen the upper red retaining. the half shell and the four shell and. use this plunger to do that so there is. and then one of the cubes you have to. will take five ten seconds and then it. concentration value so right now my it's.


experiment is done then we can process. that so origin you double click that go. can actually. make sure you lower the screen after. commands are controlled by by the. load the solution that will be the third. 601e9b7dc4


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